Company Profile

profile picVOIDCON is a unique, innovative product – a permanent formwork system that was introduced to the market in 2004 by its creator, South African, Andries Botha.  (Patent No: 2006/6541).

This system is 100% South African, designed and conceptualised by Andries to meet the needs of a changing market at a time when the global financial crisis was being felt in all industries and continents.  The system is therefore lighter, cost effective and more environmentally friendly than any other conventional concrete slab.

Voidcon came into being because Andries realized, whilst working in construction that there was a need for a more efficient and effective slab system than what the market had to offer.  Its key features from an overall project perspective are: Design Flexibility, Cost Efficacy, Lightweight yet offering the same strength and durability of a slab structure. The concrete and steel combination provides the strength and stability - while the concrete is strong on compression, steel is strong on tension. The end result is the profile and concrete forming an indestructible bond thus providing exceptional composite action.

Due to its simplicity and user friendly method, there is also a local economy knock-on-effect as local day labour can be easily trained and used from the area where the system is being used.

blue whitebgSince coming into existence as a company, Voidcon has had a presence throughout South Africa through with Vendors in each province. Initially focused on the residential housing market, in the first seven year of its existence, Voidcon expanded substantially into the commercial and industrial sectors. 

In 2012 Voidcon also started making inroads into the African continent. We have an established vendor in Namibia and Botswana came online this year (2013) and we are currently working on projects in 2 other African countries. South African construction companies have used our system in other countries on the continent.

Not afraid to be proudly South African, Voidcon currently operates with nine Vendors in South Africa, besides the Vendors in Namibia and Botswana. This ensures that expertise and service is made accessible throughout the country.

Voidcon Features

1 Permanent Decking

2 T-Beam Design

3 Composite Action...

Not only acts as permanent shuttering but also serves as tensile reinforcement, resulting in a composite action with the concrete.


How It Works

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