Consumer Market

There markets for Voidcon product can be defined in the following manner: – Primary and Secondary.

site pic002Primary Market Subdivided as follows:

Construction Engineers

This segment is what takes the Architects design and makes it structurally viable. They go as far as specifying which structural products to be used. With your product specified, a supplier has the best chance of having their products used during the construction phase.

Product features make Voidcon ideal for the design phase – the flexibility is such that Architects can utilise the features as part of the design.

Quantity Surveyors
Known as the Auditors in the industry, they look after the expenses side of construction. This is an area that Voidcon System competes very strongly and offers overall saving.

Construction Companies
We sell them convenience – the product is very easy to use and eliminates a lot of clatter within the process; ensures ease of use; save on mechanisation; has job creation element depending on application.

Property developers
They’re the client primarily – we sell cost savings; convenience and as client, the aim is to have them to atleast look at the system.

Secondary Market:

Government departments

  • Provincial Public Works
    • New schools country wide and maintenance and retrofitting of current structures.
    • FET colleges – a definite increase in this sector
    • Hospitals – new and existing that are being expanded
  • National Public Works
    • Prisons
    • Police Stations
    • Magistrate Courts
    • Offices of Home affairs et al
    • Agricultural Infrastructure
    • Environmental Affairs
  • Other state owned enterprises
    • DTI developments
    • Coega developments

Voidcon Features

1 Permanent Decking

2 T-Beam Design

3 Composite Action...

Not only acts as permanent shuttering but also serves as tensile reinforcement, resulting in a composite action with the concrete.


How It Works

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