Q: What is the fire-resistance rating of this product?

A: The metal sheeting itself does not provide fire-resistance because it might be exposed to the fire directly. However, there are various post-installation options for providing fire resistance, for example: – Membrane protection systems like ceiling grid systems, mineral and fibre board products and other ceiling installations with fire-resistance ratings. – Direct applied systems like sprayed fire-resistive materials and intumescent paint/coatings. However, the issue of fire resistance must be seen in the right perspective. The design of the building (number of emergency exits, width of passages, etc.) determine how quickly the building can be evacuated and how quickly the fire services can get access throughout the building. It is only in the case of very poorly designed buildings, (or very high multi level buildings) where the deck structure will be exposed to the fire for such a long time, that it would actually be at risk of collapsing. 

Q: Do I really need an engineer? And which engineer will be appointed to my project?

A: A decking structure has to be designed and certified by a registered professional engineer. We make use of several professional engineers; if the engineer is appointed on a specific contract that we quote on, we consult directly with him/her regarding the design. In the case that no engineer is appointed, we can recommend one from our database.


Q: What assurance do I have that the steel profiles will properly bond to the concrete? 

A: Our product was specifically designed as a composite deck. When we developed it, we researched composite decking systems worldwide to find the most effective ways to ensure bonding between the steel and concrete. A test was conducted by the university of Pretoria specifically on our product ensure effective bonding, and no slip between the steel and concrete, even under extreme stress. (See the report, downloadable from the Technical parameters page of this website).

Voidcon Features

1 Permanent Decking

2 T-Beam Design

3 Composite Action...

Not only acts as permanent shuttering but also serves as tensile reinforcement, resulting in a composite action with the concrete.


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