Who we are

We are a progressive permanent formwork system creator and provider intent on becoming the market leader in Africa. Voidcon is a composite suspended slab system which consists of galvanized steel profiles which are laid in position...

and then has concrete poured into it.  This system therefore uses substantially less concrete than conventional concrete decking systems.

Mission Statement: ‘Make Voidcon permanent steel decking systems the decking of choice in our chosen markets, providing a cost effective, high quality and superior environmentally friendly product which contributes to the construction and developmental needs of the African continent.’

Voidcon Features

1 Permanent Decking

2 T-Beam Design

3 Composite Action...

Not only acts as permanent shuttering but also serves as tensile reinforcement, resulting in a composite action with the concrete.


How It Works

Click below to view a short video on how it all comes together.

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